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AZUMI flutes

Flutes with hand-made headjoints by ALTUS

It is vital that flutists can meet their relevant requirements and preferences. With this in mind, AZUMI offers two series, each with different tonal characters.

Azumi Querflöten

The AZUMI Z-series flutes boast a quick response and allow both beginning and intermediate flautists to easily focus their tone. Thanks to the rapid pace at which musicians progress, these instruments increase the fun of music making and act as real motivation boosters.

Add to that an open and free sound, and there is simply no alternative to these AZUMI models. Intermediate students with more exacting expectations regarding sound quality and design will quite naturally turn to the AZUMI S-series.

With their vibrant warmth and excellent projection, these flutes are not just perfect for orchestras, chamber music ensembles and brass bands"”they also provide the required tonal flexibility for soloists.