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Acoustic guitars from Oregon, U.S.A.

In 2020, Breedlove celebrates its 30th anniversary. Over the years, the former custom shop, whose various instrument designs have won countless awards and accolades, gradually evolved into a guitar manufacturer that has earned the fierce loyalty and admiration of the finest musicians.

Breedlove Guitars

"Distinctively Crafted Sound": Breedlove’s motto refers to exceptional designs, new and unique construction elements as well as painstaking attention to all-important details that really make a difference. With a breathtaking sound and perfect quality, Breedlove guitars are quite simply remarkable instruments.

"Purpose Built Instruments": Every Breedlove instrument was built with its future owner in mind: artists seeking self-expression and liberation through music. Every component of a Breedlove instrument is the result of conscious decisions, all components are carefully selected, with a design to match the bold musical statement the instruments make.

Breedlove’s respect for the grand luthier tradition, which is apparent in every single instrument, Breedlove’s craftsmen also look into the future: "While we respect tradition we choose to make instruments of tomorrow."