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COOLWIND wind instruments

Colourful wind instruments

They are colorful and plain fun:


The new COOLWIND instruments are available in five different colors and equipped with lots of special features. Though all instruments are made of sturdy synthetic material, they still come with metal valves.

The biggest asset of a COOLWIND instrument is its weight"”the tuba, for instance, weighs a mere 5.5kg and is therefore perfect for marching bands, long sessions and young players. And make no mistake: these instruments can be heard loud and clear.

Several experienced players are reportedly impressed with the sound, intonation and action of the synthetic COOLWIND trombones, euphoniums and tubas.

Especially the trombone is news, because it comes with two special features: a removable brass mouthpipe and a fourth-valve to create lots of good vibrations.

The COOLWIND range is synonymous with musical fun. Satisfaction and maximum wow factor guaranteed!